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New Music - Contest Submission - Christmas Songs - And Much More

Hey folks, this is my submission for the SKIO Music Contest. If you like it please go to this site and make sure to hit it with some love! Please Vote Here

The 'Transcendence' Album is well on its way. With my new release of Trinity, and the previous releases of Move On, Unspoken, End of the Tunnel, and I'm Not Dead, I am proud to be writing from the heart and soul and showing everyone a side of me, unadulterated. This is who I am.

Recently I have also worked on some beats that I have for sale. Check them out on youtube. If you are an artist or producer and are interested in my stem packs. Drop me an email and we will chat.

And what better to finish all the awesome music releases by welcoming the festive season with some Christmas Songs that I have put together. You can find them on this playlist here.

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