How to sell music on social media and be successful.

Many people ask me..How do you sell music and be successful on social media?.. Well here is THE answer.

You need to promote yourself amongst your current audience and have them spread the word to your potential audience.

Here are some places to start:

Your friends & family. Your friends and family are the most important audience you have and need to be your biggest fans. We call them the ‘inner circle’.

Your inner circle are the people who come to your shows and love and support your music. These are the most enthusiastic supporters you have and they are going to spread your music to their inner circles, who then become your fan base, and it’s your fan base who will spread your music to the world.

Get your friends and family excited and involved, and watch your inner circle and your fan base grow.

Social Media. Got a Facebook page for your music? Instagram? Twitter? They are free and provide somewhere online for people to find you. Make an account and use it to talk about your music.

Upload short performance videos to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram - keep them regular and interesting.

Check out my podcast dedicated to social media promotion for musicians.

Streaming. You need to actually have your music on a streaming site so that you can share it and people can hear it.

Bandcamp is an excellent site to promote your music. They’re champions of unsigned artists, you can spread your music for free, they have excellent integration features and even have the ability to sell merchandise.

Soundcloud is another good free option.

Spotify and Apple Music are the two biggest music streaming sites currently. Getting your demo on either of these can be a bit tricky, but sites like Distrokidmake it simple for a small yearly fee.

Physical Handouts. Actually having a physical product to give someone in person can give you a better chance of getting them to listen.

If they get home and there’s a CD or flyer with a free download code in their bag, they might actually remember to check it out.

Go to gigs and give your demo to other musicians, the sound engineer, the bar manager. Hand out free download code flyers at the door as everyone leaves the venue.

Post flyers offering a free download in record stores, music shops, studios and rehearsal rooms.
Podcasts and local radio. There are thousands of podcasts and radio shows dedicated specifically to local, unsigned music.

Photos and Bio. Having some good photos and a well-written bio helps your audience identify and relate to you, and helps people promote your music.

Playing shows. It’s my opinion that the best way to promote and spread your music is by playing shows.
At a gig you’re able to watch in real time how people react to your music, and you’re able to interact with your fans on a personal level.

Grow your fan base locally, develop a loyal following, and use that following to spread your music to the world.

If you want any more detailed info about promoting yourself, recording and how record labels work; I’d be happy to offer more personal advice for your situation and I have a number of resources available to help. Message me personally, where I can offer one-on-one advice and a personal plan to achieve your goals.

If you want to discuss this further, join or check out my website.


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