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I will be on CHIP-FM for a radio interview on Tuesday, March 20 at around 4:40 PM.. Tune in to 101.9 in the Pontiac or check out their web radio. I will be talking about my new single "End of the Tunnel" and the making of the Transcendence Album. You do not want to miss this!!!

End of the Tunnel by Rikk Rollins
Shows in the valley, If your show isnt here please contact us and we can update it!
March 7th - Jam Night @ Pig and Pint
March 8th - Uptown Blues @ Pig and Pint
March 9th - Sparklesaurus @ Pig and Pint
March 9th - Reckless @ Nelson Street Pub
March 9th - Duke Memorial after party with Station Hill @ The Pub House
March 9th & 10th - Rudy and Saddle Up @ Lasso Live
March 10th - Sinners and Saints @ The Pub House
March 13th - Jam Night @ Lasso Live
March 13th-- Open mic with the Tonekeys @ Kerry's Place
March 16th - Sandi Skye @ Lasso Live
March 17th - Threat Level Midnight @ Lasso Live
March 17th- St. Patty's Party @ Kerry's Place
March 17th - St. Patty's Party @ The Pub House
Rikk Desrochers
Another weekend full of awesome live music for everyone!
March 1st - Jam night at The Pub House by Milano 8PM
March 1st - Uptown Blues at Pig and Pint
March 2nd & 3rd - Texas Tuxedo at Lasso Live - 10 PM
March 2nd - Groove Revival Returns LIVE on Nelson Street March 2nd 8PM
March 3rd - Groove Revival is Back at Kerry's Place 8PM
March 3rd - Hellbound - The Sufferist - Skrotum - 8PM
March 3rd - Kinsmen Outdoor Rink Benefit at Pig and Pint 3:30PM
Come on out and enjoy the fun! The Ottawa Valley Rocks!! Coding has started for What would you like to see on a music platform for the music scene? Your input is appreciated. Also if you would like more information, drop me a line. I'd be happy to explain what a couple of us awesome people are creating for all of you! is a #label and #management team based out of the Ottawa Valley to offer services and a platform to connect everyone to the music scene. We are looking for artists#musicians,