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I am Rikk Rollins aka Richard Desrochers. I am a Singer/Songwritter and have released my first official internet release! Thank for everyone's appreciation and support! Growth is a beautiful thing and the more invest my time with you all, the more i am truly appreciating the art of acoustic music! The album i am working on is dedicated to just that! It is a story of ‪#‎Trancendence‬ written and recorded by me ‪#‎Rikk_Rollins‬, from Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. Since i was a child i had always loved singing and playing the guitar. I had worked on many projects ranging from rock, country, metal, and progressive. For me playing music was always about losing myself within it and showing a side of me that is not bound by limitations, or set backs.

Today marks a wonderful day as i celebrate the day of birth of my child! I was surprised to receive a message first thing this morning that my single was accepted worldwide and was now available for distribution! Not only am i celebrati…