New Music - Contest Submission - Christmas Songs - And Much More

Hey folks, this is my submission for the SKIO Music Contest. If you like it please go to this site and make sure to hit it with some love! Please Vote Here

The 'Transcendence' Album is well on its way. With my new release of Trinity, and the previous releases of Move On, Unspoken, End of the Tunnel, and I'm Not Dead, I am proud to be writing from the heart and soul and showing everyone a side of me, unadulterated. This is who I am.

Recently I have also worked on some beats that I have for sale. Check them out on youtube. If you are an artist or producer and are interested in my stem packs. Drop me an email and we will chat.

And what better to finish all the awesome music releases by welcoming the festive season with some Christmas Songs that I have put together. You can find them on this playlist here.

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Over the last couple of months my work with has paid off. Recently we did the Nothing But Grace Festival and are excited to be part of more festivals next year in the Ottawa Valley.
Over the last couple of weeks i have recorded some new music for myself (Rikk Rollins) and for Disorderly Daughters. I will include a playlist from youtube with 6 songs that they have recorded, and available all over. I have some new music and covers posted on the website so make sure you check them out and feel free to tell me what you think. Hope everyone is having a great summer so far!

How to sell music on social media and be successful.

Many people ask me..How do you sell music and be successful on social media?.. Well here is THE answer.
You need to promote yourself amongst your current audience and have them spread the word to your potential audience.
Here are some places to start:
Your friends & family. Your friends and family are the most important audience you have and need to be your biggest fans. We call them the ‘inner circle’.
Your inner circle are the people who come to your shows and love and support your music. These are the most enthusiastic supporters you have and they are going to spread your music to their inner circles, who then become your fan base, and it’s your fan base who will spread your music to the world.
Get your friends and family excited and involved, and watch your inner circle and your fan base grow.
Social Media. Got a Facebook page for your music? Instagram? Twitter? They are free and provide somewhere online for people to find you. Make an account and use it to talk about your mu…
I enjoyed doing this cover into my OWN rendition.... 80's METAL STYLE... I recorded the drums, bass, guitars and vocals myself. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG, I am doing a cover. The original rights of this song goes to... "The Ballroom Blitz" (often called "Ballroom Blitz") is a song by the British rock band The Sweet, written and produced by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman in 1973. If you enjoyed this video please give it a like and share.
Got lots done this week but during it all was able to do a cover for yas. Hope you  enjoy!

Sooo much going on in the Ottawa Valley this weekend! We have Boots and Brews, Black Water Brigade and Evergreen Terrace Band from ripping up The Nelson Street Pub this weekend as well as many other shows all over the VALLEY!!

For a full list check out our facebook page at or our website at for a full list of whats goin on!
APR6Jack de Keyzer wsg/ Barry Buse & Redneck Limousine in Arnprior Tomorrow 7:30 PM · 278 guests The John St. Pub Arnprior
APR6The Tyler Jamieson Experience Tomorrow 8 PM · 18 guests The Pub House by Milano Pembroke
Happy Easter Everyone! Here is abit of what we have going on!!! For more check out

Evergreen Terrace Band ripping it up at Lasso Live.. Here is a little sample of what they had to offer!
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Black Water Brigade performs this Friday, April 6th at Nelson Street Pub here in Pembroke, Ontario!
You do not want to miss this!!
I will be on CHIP-FM for a radio interview on Tuesday, March 20 at around 4:40 PM.. Tune in to 101.9 in the Pontiac or check out their web radio. I will be talking about my new single "End of the Tunnel" and the making of the Transcendence Album. You do not want to miss this!!!

End of the Tunnel by Rikk Rollins